Group growing plot

group plots

The design of the site allows for groups of individuals to take responsibility for a ‘Group Growing Plot’. The size of the plot is variable and will depend on the number of participants. At this time, we do not charge for a group growing plot.
There are currently 10 separate groups covering many areas of the community for example:

  • Adults with learning difficulties and their support workers
  • Adults recovering from depression Adults with physical disabilities

The group of participants decides how their plot will be organised and planted and on what produce is grown and jointly cultivate their plot sharing produce amongst themselves Group participants are also actively encouraged and welcomed to give their support to overall JHCL site maintenance and activities. Group participants have access to the site 7days a week during day light hours but must provide evidence of their own Public Liability Insurance (PLI).

A range of tools is also readily available as well as access to a tea/coffee welfare room and toilet facilities.