Sensory garden

We are raising funds for the development of a sensory garden which will maximize the positive experience for Landshare visitors with physical or sensory disabilities.

Our plan is that the sensory garden will provide raised flower beds for wheelchair users involved with growing activities, surrounded by a range of interesting plants which will possess key features such as all year round colour, tactile surfaces, many scents and a variety of heights which interact with the wind.

To maximize the sensation of touch for the visually impaired, we hope to create a range of textured surfaces to stimulate the senses e.g. smooth paving, riven paving, decking and rubberized surfaces. Additionally we wish to include a variety of different styled seating allowing areas for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy the garden.

We will also create suitable, safe access routes. This will offer extra activities for those with physical and sensory disabilities and increase the extent to which they can enjoy the many benefits of the Landshare including those reported such as saving money on food, healthy eating, making new friends, developing teamwork skills, sharing with others, experiencing a sense of community and developing horticultural skills.

Our plan is that when we receive funding for the sensory garden, people of the community will work together to build it from beginning to end, adding to the community spirit which the Landshare lives to represent.