Skilled local people and materials

Local materials

Do you have skills and knowledge that you would like to share with the local community?

Jealotts Hill Community Landshare is a place in which the community come together to grow fruit and vegetables, work together on community projects or generally enjoy the peaceful, natural environment.

Many local people have been benefitting from the Landshare including people with learning disabilities, people who are out of work and looking to develop some new skills, older people who are at risk of isolation, people who suffer from mental illness and even locals who simply enjoy the hobbies of growing and getting out in a natural environment.

If you possess skills in hard landscaping, gardening or other specialities you could play a key role in helping people throughout East Berkshire benefit further from the site. Not only may you enjoy sharing your skills and knowledge to help others, but you will likely be given a chance to network with other colleagues, forming an important link through their work and engagement with all cohorts of local community.

Do you have materials that you were planning to dispose of?

Rather than potentially incurring the costs of hiring a skip, we can often take materials which we can make use of, to enhance our service to the community. Such materials may include plants and shrubs, seeds, paving slabs or anything of a similar nature.

benches and floor
Benches, tables and flooring donated by local council organisations and from the Bracknell Regeneration
Planters and bins converted into planters, from Bracknell Regeneration. Decking also from 2012 GB Olympics


If you believe you can help us in any of the ways above or otherwise, your kindness will be sincerely appreciated with your help going a long way.

Fencing donated by a local fencing company, reused to make a screen