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Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare (JHCL) can provide a unique and exciting learning experience for school children and students. The six acre site covers just about every aspect of horticulture and garden maintenance available, with particular emphasis on nature conservation and improvement.

There are of course, different learning styles to suit different individuals, which can make the classroom a frustrating place for some young people who may be better suited to an active, practical learning environment. This, we can offer at the Landshare. We welcome children with special needs, learning difficulties and or behavioural difficulties.

We would be more than happy to accommodate schools, whether for school trips or regular sessions. Whole classes or specialist groups are welcome. Time at the site can also be tailored to meet the schools own curriculum needs.

Work Experience

Work experience roles can be created, to give young people a taste of working life, to incorporate communication, following instructions, practical tasks and keeping to time. These are arranged in partnership with schools and colleges.

Partnerships have previously including working with Highclose School, Addington School, Berkshire College of Agriculture, Bracknell and Wokingham College, as well as the Learning to Work scheme.

Work experience opportunities can include gardening and landscaping, as well as catering based roles.

Out of school learning

pond dipMany groups from local Scout, Beaver and Brownie troops, have visited to take part in activities towards badge achievements. Health and safety, practical gardening and pond dips at the wildlife pond, are a few topics covered. These visits are only available depending on staff availability for specific dates.