Young families or isolated parents

young families

Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare (JHCL) is a positive space for therapeutic gardening activities, helping vulnerable people such as young families or isolated parents who may need a helping hand. Individuals may want to increase their employment prospects or simply find a new hobby. Enjoying time in the extraordinary gardens can be calming, stimulating, rewarding and educational. The Landshare is a safe and friendly environment with lovely scenery, making it ideal for a walk or picnic.

  • By participating in gardening, you can gain important life skills such as:
  • Meeting new people and learning to work together Increase knowledge and skills
  • How to handle equipment safely and managing you time
    It can also provide physical exercise which in turn can alleviate stress. Beyond the physical, there are many other health benefits to gardening: Development of social and intellectual skills, including those needed for social inclusion or rehabilitation
  • Somewhere peaceful to escape to, helping restore a sense of balance and wellbeing
  • A healthier diet – if you put the effort into growing fruit, herbs and vegetables you are more likely to eat them and reap the rewards.

At the Landshare we like to offer support to young and isolated parents who may want a helping hand. From time to time activity days for children are held here. For example in the summer of 2012 Bracknell Forest Homes and Sports Xtra held a Community Games event. This involved a mixture of team building activities, athletics and other activities including street dance.