Older People or people at risk of isolation

Elderly from Age ConcernAdults may want to increase their employment prospects or simply find a new hobby. Enjoying time in the extraordinary gardens can be calming, stimulating, rewarding and educational. By participating in gardening, you can gain important life skills such as:

  • Meeting new people and learning to work together
  • Increase knowledge and skills
  • How to handle equipment safely and managing your time.

It can also provide physical exercise which in turn can alleviate stress. Beyond the physical, there are many other health benefits to gardening:

  • Development of social and intellectual skills, including those needed for social inclusion or rehabilitation
  • Somewhere peaceful to escape to, helping restore a sense of balance and wellbeing
  • A healthier diet – if you put the effort into growing fruit, herbs and vegetables you are more likely to eat them and reap the rewards.

According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, research indicates that around 1 in 10 older people feel “always” or “severely” lonely. The site provides an excellent opportunity to meet and be in touch with others, allowing them to enjoy each other’s company out in the fresh air.

Produce at the Landshare tends to be shared amongst people, allowing mutual appreciation of each others work whilst being able to take home fresh fruit and vegetables to eat. Beyond growing, why not enjoy a walk on which you can appreciate nature and the peace and quiet of the site or otherwise help out on the site amongst other like minded people.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation interested in the services above, please feel free to get in contact with David. You can volunteer on your own or with friends, allowing you to learn and have great fun in the process.